Tucson Funeral Pre-Planning Services

Funeral Pre-Planning
It’s customary to make funeral arrangements after a loved one’s death, but more people are choosing to plan their own services during life. With pre-need funeral planning, you can make your own decisions regarding the final celebration of your life. The pre-planning advisors of Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery in Tucson, Arizona can guide you through the process.

Benefits of Pre-Need Funeral Planning
Pre-need funeral planning benefits both you and your family members. When a loved one passes away, grief clouds the mind of the mourners. It’s difficult to make sensitive decisions about the funeral arrangements during this time, particularly if family members disagree about what you would have wanted. By pre-planning your own arrangements, you are relieving your loved ones of this burden. Furthermore, pre-need planning allows you to rest assured that your final arrangements will be carried out exactly as you have specified.

Services Available for Pre-Planners
Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery is a full-service ceremony and burial provider. When you work with our pre-planning advisors, you’ll have lots of options to choose from. But don’t worry; we’ll give you all the information you need to make the right choices for you and your family. We’ll walk you through the following funeral services and decisions:

Cremation or Burial: We offer respectful and fully compliant onsite cremation services. In-ground burial is available both for those who wish to be cremated and for those who prefer a traditional burial. If you wish to be cremated, you can also choose from our above-ground mausoleums, custom cremation benches, columbaria, or scattering gardens.

Ceremony Types: With our help, you can design your personalized funeral ceremony. Your service may be military, fraternal, religious, non-denominational, or non-theistic.

Ceremony Details: Not every pre-planner wants to arrange all of the details, but you can be as specific as you like. You may specify your preferences with regard to the officiant, floral arrangements, music selections, readings, and speakers. Many funeral pre-planners also like to specify charitable organizations to receive donations in lieu of flowers. Some write their own obituaries.

Common Questions About Pre-Planning
Do I need to pre-pay? It isn’t necessary to pre-fund your plan, but doing so will eliminate the burden of inflation for your surviving loved ones. If you pre-fund your plan, the money is placed into an insurance company or a state-approved trust account.
Whappens if I move? Your funeral plan is readily transferred to any funeral home in the U.S.
Should I tell my loved ones? If you think that sharing your pre-need plans with your loved ones will not cause them distress, you may wish to discuss your arrangements. At the very least, make sure the executor of your will knows where your pre-need plan is stored.

When you are ready to begin making your final arrangements, you can contact Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery at (520) 257-4831 or use our online pre-planning form.