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Cremation Services
Cremation is the rendering of a body into its most basic components. It is a respectful way to bid adieu to a loved one and it is being chosen with increasing frequency among both at-need and pre-need funeral planners. At Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery in Tucson, Arizona, we’re pleased to offer our own onsite cremation services, which allow families to be assured that their loved ones are being handled with the utmost in care and respect.

Cremation Overview
Cremation is a time-honored tradition that exposes the body to intense heat to produce an average of three to seven pounds of cremains. Only one dead body is cremated at a time so families are assured that the ashes returned to them are indeed those of their loved one. It is advisable for family members to request the removal of rings and similar items prior to cremation. Some families may wish to witness the cremation, often as part of a religious or other ceremony. Afterward, the cremains are carefully transferred to an urn and given to the family. One common concern people have about cremation is whether or not their religion allows it. This is an individual choice that must be made by each family, but in general, the following faiths do allow cremation:

  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Baptist
  • Catholicism
  • Anglican/Episcopalian
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Quaker

Cremation is not necessarily prohibited, but is not encouraged by Presbyterian and Mormon churches. Islam and Orthodox Judaism strictly oppose cremation. Conservative rabbis discourage cremation, but may still perform funeral services for a decedent who is to be cremated. Reform Jews and rabbis are increasingly embracing cremation as a respectful way to say goodbye to their loved ones. The knowledgeable funeral directors at Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery are sensitive to the unique needs of families from all faiths and cultural backgrounds, and will work closely with your family to design a thoughtful and appropriate cremation service.

Cremation Ceremonies

One reason why cremation is being increasingly used throughout the U.S. is its versatility. Cremation allows families to carefully plan and personalize ceremonial remembrances of their loved ones. The body may be cremated before or after a service, for example, which allows distant mourners time to make their travel arrangements. At Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery, our Signature Services℠ allow you to add meaningful enhancements to your loved one’s cremation ceremony. You may then choose to keep your loved one’s cremains at home with you, scatter them in meaningful locations, or inter them in our urn gardens, columbarium niches, or a custom cremation bench. Scattering gardens are also available in our peaceful cemetery.

For at-need and pre-need funeral and cremation services, your family can put its trust in Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery in Tucson, AZ. Call us at (520) 257-4831 to speak with a funeral director.