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Funerals, cremation ceremonies, and other end-of-life arrangements are reflective of a family’s love. At Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery, we recognize that you come to us during a difficult time. It’s our mission to provide your family with the solid guidance you need and the compassionate support you deserve as you celebrate your loved one’s life. The historic Evergreen Cemetery has been serving families near Tucson, Arizona since its founding in 1907. Recognizing the community’s need for funeral, cremation, and burial services in one location, the cemetery established Evergreen Mortuary on its grounds in 1974. Today, Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery continues its proud tradition of serving the community.

Cemetery : Our spacious grounds accommodate every family’s personal preferences for interment. Set against the beautiful backdrop of our gardens, our cemetery offers individual, companion, and family estates for those who prefer in-ground burial. In-ground placement is also available for cremated remains. Our thoughtfully designed private mausoleums offer lasting legacies for families who prefer above-ground entombment. When a loved one is cremated, families may opt for interment in our urn gardens, columbarium niches, or cremation benches. Our scattering gardens allow families to return their loved one’s remains to the earth.

Ceremonies : Every family has a story to tell about their loved one. At Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery, our funeral, memorial, and cremation ceremonies are every bit as unique as the individuals they honor. Our funeral directors take the time to get to know your family and the decedent to help you design a meaningful ceremony that brings everyone together.

Signature Services: Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery Signature Services℠ include preserved floral mementos, serene musical tributes, and butterfly release ceremonies. With our Signature Services℠, the family and friends of the decedent will take away lasting, cherished memories of the celebration of life.

Pre-Planning : The pre-planning advisors at Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery will guide you step-by-step through the process of designing your own funeral services and interment arrangements. Planning your own funeral removes the burden of these difficult decisions from your loved ones when the time comes.

Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery invites visitors to tour our peaceful grounds, and attend our on-going and seasonal community events. Our office hours are Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are located on North Oracle Road in Tucson near W Miracle Mile, just a few minutes away from Mexican Garden Pottery. If you’re coming from I-10 W, take exit 255 and go on to W Miracle Mile. If you’re visiting a loved one interred at our cemetery, please take a minute to stop by our offices to inquire about our floral policies.

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