• A Day in the Life: What Does a Funeral Director Do?

    Have you ever wondered what makes someone become a funeral director? It might seem like an unusual job choice, but it’s a calling for some people. A funeral director might tell you what a joy it is to see families coming together or how hard it can be to keep emotions in check. But what does a funeral director actually do? 

    First, they handle all the logistics related to death and the funeral. Paperwork and planning can be overwhelming for a family, but the funeral director is there for them every step of the way, knowing that family members are often not in a good emotional state to plan a funeral.  

    They also  possess great attention to detail because their job is to do whatever they can to relieve the family’s stress and take care of them.  

    Ultimately, the funeral director brings everyone together after the loss of a loved one. He or she must have boundless compassion, which is why people from other caring professions such as chaplains, ministers and nurses often decide to enter this field. On the other hand, many funeral directors know from a young age that this is the job they want. Sometimes, they’ve grown up watching a family member excel at the job. Or a funeral director may have once showed them expansive care, and at that moment they understood the gravity of the profession.  

    Ask any funeral director, and you’re likely to hear the same thing: it’s a calling and an honor. Being entrusted with the most difficult time in family members’ lives is a weighty responsibility, but it’s extremely rewarding.   

    When you’re in a position to choose a funeral home, it’s important to pick one with a funeral director and staff with whom you have a rapport. These people will help you or your loved ones through some of the hardest days of your life, so you should be comfortable with them.  

    At Evergreen Mortuary, we are committed to supporting those who have lost a loved one by helping them to plan life-honoring tributes. For more than a century, we have served the community, caring for families from all walks of life. Call us today at (520) 399-6652 and let us know how we can support you, either by helping you preplan, assisting you with an immediate need, or supporting you in a time of grief.

  • Preplanning: A Gift of Love for Your Family This Holiday Season

    The holiday season is upon us, and no matter what your faith or tradition may be, this is a season of giving.  

    It can be hard to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It may seem unconventional, but we have a suggestion this year. While you’re in the gift-giving mood, consider giving your family the gift of preplanning.  

    It’s a gift in many ways. Preplanning alleviates the stress that comes with having to answer difficult questions at an already painful time. When there’s a plan in place, family members can spend their time and energy supporting each other, grieving your loss and beginning to heal.  

    Another benefit of preplanning is that it saves money. You can pre-pay when you preplan your end-of-life arrangements so your family never has to think about what things will cost. And even if you don’t choose to pre-pay, preplanning can still save your family money by locking in today’s prices for a future need.  

    Preplanning also makes it easy for your family to know what you would have wanted. When you plan your own service, you get to choose every detail from the readings and music to the pallbearers and other people involved in the ceremony. You can decide your final resting place and any special elements you’d like the ceremony to feature such as a dove release, memorial portrait or DVD. Creating the perfect service is a gift you give yourself, and making it easy for your family to honor your wishes is the gift you give to them. 

    This year, why not let the experienced, compassionate professionals at Evergreen help you give your family the gift of preplanning? At Evergreen Mortuary and Cemetery, we’re well versed in preplanning and are deeply committed to giving families the care they need. For more than a century, we have served families from all walks of life. Call us today at (520) 399-6652 and let us know how we can help you preplan, help with an immediate need, or support you in a time of grief.