November 11 is Veterans Day: Honoring Those Who Serve

On November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day to honor our American heroes. Unlike Memorial Day, which memorializes those who have died in service, Veterans Day honors living veterans — both those who have served and those who are continuing to serve.  

Veterans Day is a great opportunity to celebrate these brave men and women and to appropriately recognize their achievements. But how? 

  • Listen to their stories. Being sensitive to the fact that some veterans would rather not talk about their experiences, make yourself available when a veteran in your life does want to talk. Ask questions, giving them the space to describe their time in service.  
  • Volunteer for veterans. Even if you don’t have a veteran in your own life, you can express your gratitude with an act of kindness. You might want to volunteer in a VA hospital, drive disabled vets to doctors’ appointments or visit homebound vets. Call your local VA for information about how you can help.  
  • Send some love through the mail. Write a letter or send a care package to someone in the service who is risking his or her life to protect our freedoms. Check out Operation Gratitude to learn how.  
  • Don’t forget military families. Veterans serving in our armed forces make many sacrifices for our country, but so do their families. If you know a military family, reach out by inviting them over for dinner or offering to help out. If you don’t know anyone in the military, Operation Gratitude is once again a good source of information. You can donate stuffed animals to children with deployed parents, provide care packages to caregivers of wounded warriors, and donate frequent flier miles to help family members travel to be with a wounded loved one.  
  • Teach your family the meaning of Veterans Day. Don’t let Veteran’s Day be just another holiday in which you gather to watch a parade or have a barbecue. Instead, talk about why it’s important, and teach your children to respect veterans. If you’re sending a care package or letter, ask your child to draw a picture that you can include.  
  • Do something meaningful on an ordinary day. Veterans Day is not the only day veterans need support. Sometimes, it’s even more meaningful to reach out on a different day. When you do something kind for a veteran, you can brighten his or her day and enrich your own life in the process.  

At Evergreen Mortuary and Cemetery, we believe in treating veterans with the full honor they deserve. If you’re planning a funeral for an honorably discharged veteran, talk to us about all we have to offer, from a complimentary burial space in selected areas to a free bronze Veteran’s memorial provided by the Veterans Administration. Immediate family members may also be eligible for discounts. For more information, call us at (520) 257-4831 or follow the links on our Veterans’ Services page.