Interactive Aftercare: How Evergreen Helps Families Heal

If you’ve suffered a loss, Evergreen Mortuary and Cemetery wants to help. We’ve been part of the Tucson community since 1907, and we’re committed to providing families with the very best care in a setting that allows people to find solace.  

When you’re grieving, we want to be there for you in person as well as online with many valuable resources that will help you through this difficult time. We’ve got useful links and information whether you’re looking to research the traditions of various cultures, learn how to write an obituary or eulogy, contact Social Security or find a worthy charity for donations. One of the online resources of which we’re most proud is our online grief support.  

Online grief support can be accessed at any time of day or night. Grief doesn’t stick to a timetable, and we are committed to helping you make it through this difficult time through online counseling services, group grief support and interactive videos.  

Evergreen’s Interactive Aftercare brings the professional and personal experience of our executive counseling director, Dr. Virginia Simpson, into an online application. Featuring interactive videos that explore the dimensions of grief and the dynamic cycle of experience, it helps you learn to cope with the depth of emotional and experience that is part of the healthy grieving process. We also offer an email subscription called “Letting the Sun Shine In,” which brings daily positive messages to your inbox.  

If you’re struggling with grief, Evergreen wants to help. Call (520) 399-6652 to learn how we can help, and sign up for our 365 days of grief support email.