Bagpipes to Brahms: Musical Options to Memorialize a Unique Life Lived

When you think of funeral music, what comes to mind? It may be hymns and other traditional pieces, but it doesn’t have to be. Some religious services require that song choices be specified, but in most cases, you can choose whatever moves you. 

You can also choose interesting instrumentals. Just as song choice is typically fluid, there are many options for musical performers at a funeral, including:  

  • Harp: Harp music has an ethereal, serene quality that makes it a soothing and comforting choice for a funeral. This ancient instrument is well suited to classical music, religious music, or anything that’s peaceful and calming.  
  • Strings: Classical music, whether played by a string trio, a quartet or a chamber ensemble, can be very comforting and peaceful. It can also be stirring to elevate the mood. 
  • Bagpipes: Bagpipes have long been a traditional funeral option for dignitaries and first responders. The music is unusual and the mournful, haunting sound is well suited to a funeral. 

At Evergreen, we offer various musical options including bagpipes, a string trio, and a harpist to help create meaningful, life-honoring ceremonies. You can also choose special music for a loved one’s funeral or preplan for your own future needs so that the music you love will be featured. Choosing your own music, readings, speakers, displayed mementos and special services will help reflect your personality and the life you’ve lived.  

At Evergreen, we understand the importance of end-of-life arrangements because we’ve been helping families make them for more than 40 years. Serving families has always been our focus, and we take pride in guiding them through a difficult time in their lives. 

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