The Importance of Honoring Our Veterans

The veterans who serve our nation are deeply deserving of honor and respect. Whether in times of war or peace, veterans and their families devote their lives to the service of our country and the ideals we hold dear. The sacrifices they make are without parallel:

  • In times of war, veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. They face danger and risk death while their families back home must carry on without them, knowing that they could forever lose this person who is so important in their lives. Nearly 70 percent of officers and half of all enlisted personnel are married, which means that when deployment happens, spouses are left behind to wait, worry and try to help their children cope.
  • Even in times of peace, veterans and their families give their lives. The life of a military family can be very difficult and punctuated by long periods of separation, which puts a tremendous strain on marriages. Many service members also suffer from PTSD, so that even when their active duty is over, the effects linger.
  • It’s important to find ways support our troops. This might mean contributing to veterans’ causes or attending events meant to honor veterans’ service. It could be as simple as writing notes or sending care packages on special holidays, which you can do through organizations including , and .
  • If you know a veteran, make sure to take time to show gratitude for his or her service. Listen to stories, ask questions and spend time learning more about the veterans in your life. You may find ways to enrich their lives while at the same time enriching yours.
  • Reach out to military families in your community. Invite a military family to your house for dinner, or take a military spouse out for coffee. Offer to watch the kids if you have a friend whose spouse is deployed, or give to a charity that benefits military families. Show your gratitude in practical ways whenever you see an opportunity.

At Evergreen Mortuary and Cemetery, we are highly invested in honoring our veterans. We take care of all the details involved in providing the veteran in your life with a deeply meaningful and life-honoring ceremony. Call (520) 428-7438 today to find out more about how we can help honor veterans and their families.