The History of Evergreen Mortuary, and What it Means for You

At Evergreen Mortuary and Cemetery, we have years of experience caring for families in our community. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence and delighted when generations of family members continue to choose us. What many people may not know, though, is how long we’ve been here and how rich our history really is.

Evergreen Mortuary was founded in 1974. Our history, however, doesn’t begin when the mortuary was built. Evergreen Cemetery was founded in 1907, providing a place outside Tucson for burials. The city was growing rapidly and running out of cemetery space. Many of the pioneers from old homesteads and ranch sites have been reinterred at Evergreen, and we’re proud to be an important part of Tucson’s history.

A walk through our beautiful grounds offers a glimpse into the rich and colorful history of the area. Notable people whose final resting places can be found here include:

  • Pioneer Mary Bernard Aguirre. She came to Las Cruces on the Rio Grande in 1863 with her husband, Epifanio, who was a large-freight contractor. He was killed by Apaches near Sasabe, 65 miles south of Tucson. Mary taught at the first public school in San Pedro before coming to Tucson, where she became one of the area’s best teachers. She was the head of the Spanish language and English departments at the University of Arizona, and a book has been written about Mary and her family, entitled A Journey of the Heart . Mary died in 1906, a month before her 62 nd birthday.
  • John Brackett Allen, Tucson postmaster, mayor and territory treasurer. Born in Maine in 1818, he came to Tucson in 1858 and began selling pies filled with dried apples. Before long, he was running a general store. Although he never enjoyed great material success, he was a colorful man who, in addition to his store and public service, had a farm featuring the first three hives of honey bees in the territory.
  • Jules Verne Allen, cowboy singer and writer. Born in 1880 in Waxahachie, Texas, he participated in cattle drives from the age of 10 and sang songs about his experience. He also worked in law enforcement for many years as a peace officer, deputy sheriff and El Paso policeman. A talented composer and writer, the earliest versions of Home on the Range and Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie are among his earliest notable authentic oral traditions. He also wrote the book Cowboy Lore , which gives readers a look into the Wild West days. Jules Verne Allen died in 1942.

Since 1960, Evergreen has been owned and operated by the Addison family. Anticipating the need for consolidated funeral services, they established the Evergreen Mortuary, making this the first mortuary and cemetery combination in southern Arizona. Since those early days, Evergreen has consistently pursued excellence and has been recognized nationally with many awards.

We’re proud of the service we’ve rendered to the Tucson community and continue to dedicate ourselves to exceptional service and compassionate care to the families in our care. Stop by for a tour or call (520) 428-7438 to learn about what we have to offer.