The Healing Power of Community

The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal, traumatic event. Each person grieves differently, and because of that, grief can be extremely isolating. There’s often a temptation to shut oneself off from others, cocooning to try to heal. Yet, separating yourself from others is not the best way to work through a loss.

The reality is that grief shared is grief lessened. The presence of others can create a safe space for you to grieve and get stronger so you can begin to heal. Your family may provide this haven. It may be your community of friends, but it can also be a grief support group. Others who are experiencing something similar to what you’re feeling can help you find your feet through camaraderie that makes you feel like you’re not alone.

Even the act of reaching out to others can be healing. Often, we turn inward, and the pain spirals and becomes more intense. When we look outward, finding a way to help someone else, it takes the focus off our own pain and reminds us that everyone has suffered a loss of some kind and needs support. That’s the beauty of community: other people want to be there for you, and you have the power to be there for others.

In our busy, modern world, we can tend to rush past our feelings. We bury pain and ignore grief, believing that if we just keep moving, we can blot it out and pass it by. In truth, there’s something very comforting about the traditional rituals surrounding death and loss. The memorial service, with friends and family members gathered to honor the life that was lived, can be extremely meaningful. The support of the community afterward, as people rally to provide meals and comfort, can also be a powerful healing force.

Sometimes, the path to healing begins with an end-of-life ceremony, which can take many different forms. In some cultures, people spend time with their loved one after death, bathing, dressing and preparing the body for burial or cremation. Others sit with their grief, in solidarity with one another. Still others choose to tell stories and sing songs, sharing their memories of the person who has died to lessen each other’s pain. The power of this communal mourning is strong and can set friends and family on the path to healing.

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