Where Can I Bury Cremated Remains?

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Today, many people choose cremation over traditional burial because of the versatility that this process allows. For example, cremation offers many options for final disposition. If you’re interested in burial, then keep reading to learn some of the locations where you can bury cremated remains.

In a Cremation Garden
Today, many cemeteries set aside an area of their grounds specifically for the burial of cremated remains. Often referred to as cremation gardens or urn gardens, these locations can be an ideal option for someone who prefers cremation over traditional burial, but would still like to bury the cremated remains. Also, some cemeteries offer unique features within their cremation gardens or on their grounds, which allow for the interment of cremated remains in an outdoor setting, for example in the form of cremation benches and cremation boulders.

In a Cemetery Plot
If you prefer the idea of burying your loved one’s cremated remains in a traditional cemetery setting rather than in a cremation garden, then purchasing a standard cemetery plot in which to bury the urn may be a good option for you. This choice may also be ideal for anyone who wishes to have their own cremated remains buried with those of their loved one in the future. Because urn vaults take up less space than traditional burial vaults, the burial of more than one urn vault in a single cemetery plot is permitted by some cemeteries.

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