The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Holding a Funeral Service

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Funeral services offer bereaved families a way to honor those they have lost. However, in addition to acting as a meaningful tribute, these ceremonies may benefit the family and friends of the deceased emotionally and psychologically. Please continue reading for more on this subject.

A Source of Social Support
After a losing a loved one, a bereaved individual may feel overwhelmed with grief, and socializing may be the last thing on his or her mind. Nonetheless, the support that can be gained from family, friends, and the community during a funeral service may offer a bereaved individual much needed emotional and social support. In this way, a funeral may help someone who is grieving cope with the loss of a loved one.

A Chance to Share Memories
Another way in which a funeral service can be emotionally and psychologically beneficial is by providing the surviving family members and friends with an opportunity to share memories with one another. Besides the obvious advantages of such exchanges, they may help grieving individuals to diminish more painful memories by shedding light on the happier ones. For example, if the deceased had a long struggle with illness before passing, then those who were close to her may have difficult memories of her in this state. However, by exchanging stories and experiences with one another, surviving family and friends may be better able to leave the ceremony thinking of their loved one in the way she was when in good health.

An Opportunity to Say Goodbye
Everyone grieves in his or her own way, and there is no right or wrong way to feel after losing a loved one. Also, grief can continue to be present and changing well after the ceremony is over. However, many people find that holding a funeral service helps them say “goodbye” to the person that they lost, an act which may provide some level of comfort and closure.

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