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5 Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning [INFOGRAPHIC]

People pre-plan almost every major life event, but funeral pre-planning is the one occasion that often slips through the cracks. Although the idea of funeral pre-planning may initially feel uncomfortable, it is one of the most loving gestures you can make to your family. When you pre-plan funeral services, you take the burden of planning off the shoulders of your loved ones at a time when they will already be coping with the stress of grief. Pre-planning also gives you the opportunity to protect your loved ones financially from the cost of funerals by pre-paying for all or some of your service or purchasing funeral insurance policies to cover the costs. Find out more about the benefits of funeral pre-planning in this infographic from Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery. Let us walk you through pre-planning a funeral in Tucson so you can feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to support your family when you’re gone. Spread the word about the benefits of pre-planning by sharing this information.

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Where Can I Bury Cremated Remains?

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Today, many people choose cremation over traditional burial because of the versatility that this process allows. For example, cremation offers many options for final disposition. If you’re interested in burial, then keep reading to learn some of the locations where you can bury cremated remains.

In a Cremation Garden
Today, many cemeteries set aside an area of their grounds specifically for the burial of cremated remains. Often referred to as cremation gardens or urn gardens, these locations can be an ideal option for someone who prefers cremation over traditional burial, but would still like to bury the cremated remains. Also, some cemeteries offer unique features within their cremation gardens or on their grounds, which allow for the interment of cremated remains in an outdoor setting, for example in the form of cremation benches and cremation boulders.

In a Cemetery Plot
If you prefer the idea of burying your loved one’s cremated remains in a traditional cemetery setting rather than in a cremation garden, then purchasing a standard cemetery plot in which to bury the urn may be a good option for you. This choice may also be ideal for anyone who wishes to have their own cremated remains buried with those of their loved one in the future. Because urn vaults take up less space than traditional burial vaults, the burial of more than one urn vault in a single cemetery plot is permitted by some cemeteries.

Whether you need at-need or pre-need cremation services in Tucson, Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery can help. To get in touch with us, please call (520) 888-7470.

The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Holding a Funeral Service

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Funeral services offer bereaved families a way to honor those they have lost. However, in addition to acting as a meaningful tribute, these ceremonies may benefit the family and friends of the deceased emotionally and psychologically. Please continue reading for more on this subject.

A Source of Social Support
After a losing a loved one, a bereaved individual may feel overwhelmed with grief, and socializing may be the last thing on his or her mind. Nonetheless, the support that can be gained from family, friends, and the community during a funeral service may offer a bereaved individual much needed emotional and social support. In this way, a funeral may help someone who is grieving cope with the loss of a loved one.

A Chance to Share Memories
Another way in which a funeral service can be emotionally and psychologically beneficial is by providing the surviving family members and friends with an opportunity to share memories with one another. Besides the obvious advantages of such exchanges, they may help grieving individuals to diminish more painful memories by shedding light on the happier ones. For example, if the deceased had a long struggle with illness before passing, then those who were close to her may have difficult memories of her in this state. However, by exchanging stories and experiences with one another, surviving family and friends may be better able to leave the ceremony thinking of their loved one in the way she was when in good health.

An Opportunity to Say Goodbye
Everyone grieves in his or her own way, and there is no right or wrong way to feel after losing a loved one. Also, grief can continue to be present and changing well after the ceremony is over. However, many people find that holding a funeral service helps them say “goodbye” to the person that they lost, an act which may provide some level of comfort and closure.

Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery can assist you with arranging a personalized memorial and meaningful funeral service near Tucson. For more information, please contact us today at (520) 888-7470.

What to Expect During the Funeral Pre-Planning Process

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When a loved one passes away, planning their funeral can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why so many people choose to pre-plan their funerals and take the stress and concern away from their family members. If you’re thinking about planning ahead for your funeral then keep reading to learn what you should expect from the process:

Learning About Your Options
Before you can pre-plan a funeral, you’ll need to learn about what options are available. First, you should look at cemeteries and ask about pre-planning services to determine which one is the best fit.You’ll be asked whether you prefer traditional casket burial or cremation. If you choose burial, you’ll want to learn about burial plot and casket options. If you choose cremation, you’ll want to learn about options for cremated remains.

Deciding What You Want
Once you know what options are available, you can start narrowing them down and deciding what you want for your funeral. You might want to talk to your partner or other family members when making these decisions. You’ll also want to consider your religious or spiritual beliefs as well as any family traditions or cultural customs you might want to follow.

Making Payment Plans
One of the most appealing elements of funeral pre-planning is protecting your family from inflationary cost increases. Plus, when you plan now, your loved ones won’t have to worry about prices and payment when they’re grieving. You can set up a payment plan to make it easy on your budget, or simply take care of the entire cost now. Either way, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your wishes will be honored.

Sharing Your Plans with Loved Ones
After making your funeral arrangements, you should share them with your loved ones. This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding payment and plans for your funeral. Starting a conversation can also help your loved ones feel more at ease with the process.

You can learn even more about funeral pre-planning in Tucson when you contact Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery. Our memorial park offers a wide array of funeral services, making it easy to plan for yourself or a loved one. Call us at (520) 888-7470 for more information.

What Should I Wear to a Funeral?

Attending a funeral service is a good way to say goodbye to a deceased loved one while also showing support to their family and other friends. If you’re planning to attend a funeral service, you might be wondering what you should wear. Watch this video for advice.

It is best to stick with simple yet slightly formal clothing, such as slacks and button-down shirts for men and dresses or blouses paired with skirts or slacks for women. Black is always a good choice, but neutral-colored clothing can also be appropriate. Avoid wearing anything too casual and call the funeral home if you have questions.

If you have more questions about attending a funeral service in Tucson, call Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery today at (520) 888-7470. We can help you learn more about what to wear to a cemetery and proper funeral service etiquette.

Honor Your Loved One with a Tribute Video

Funeral Home Tucson Losing a loved one is always difficult. Planning a funeral service can help friends and family say goodbye while also remembering everything they loved about him/her. If you’re planning a funeral service, you’ll want to consider having a tribute video made. Ask your funeral director for options and prices.

A tribute video will combine your personal family photographs with graphics and beautiful music, creating a touching memorial that can be played during the funeral service. After the funeral, your family will be able to keep this video to watch and cherish as a beautiful memento. You can also ask the funeral home to make copies of the tribute video so that other friends and family members will have a keepsake as well.

Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery offers tribute videos and other special touches for funeral services near Tucson. Give us a call at (520) 888-7470 for more information about honoring your loved one’s life and planning cremation services, funeral arrangements, and more.

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